Why smart cities at classroom?

Smart Schools of the future don’t just rely on technology to show how they are part of the Smart City. The use of Smart city concept is very important in classroom as we said before in Smart schools 3.0 and Educaopi 3.0.

Not all education takes place in schools, but Smart schools can play an important role in improving the physical performance of the city while at the same time preparing today’s students for life in the increasingly complex, and increasingly technological world of the future.images (14)

Students MUST learn the “smart” concept through the story of ONA and a painting a workshop. In the case of 10 year-old students, they work with “Little Hero Smart” app, where they will have to face challenges. Activities addressed at 12 year-old students are a “smart” walk and a introduction to robotics. Secondary students will participate in manufacturing workshops in cultural centres.

Technology is changing the way that we deliver education. Migration from text books to dynamic learning content delivered through computers and mobile smart devices allows for more student focused delivery of education; at their pace, with relevant content and learning approaches. It also allows schools to stay up to date with current and timely information, and to leverage teaching resources across schools, campuses, districts and across the world.

Una Ciudad Inteligente no tiene ningún sentido en absoluto si está poblada por ciudadanos ajenos a ella

An example of this kind of development, well recognized around the globe is The Finnish Education System, it  has been credited as the best on the world. Some of the contributing factors to this is the wholeness and accessibility of education to everyone in Finland. This has been achieved by making access to education free of charge and fully subsidised meals at schools. This does not just apply to big cities but also to rural areas. Finland is known for planting schools in as many suburb as possible or providing free transportation where the previous is unattainable.



Publicado por Sheila Romera Aznar

Directora Programa educativo europeo SMART HEALTHY Children Y METODOLOGÍA SMART SCHOOLS AVALADA N UNIDAS. Experto smart cities e innovación educativa, Profesora inglés especialista en nuevas tecnologías y ponente.


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